- The more you shop, the more we give.

It’s Easy–It’s Free–and it’s just a mouse click away!

What is Good2Give? What if the shopping you already do every day could raise money to save a child’s life or support an orphanage? It can! You can help raise thousands of dollars with just the click of a mouse – “That can’t be!” you might say. But it is! When you visit a online shopping mall, you can shop the same online stores you normally shop at, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit your designated cause. It’s that easy!

Good2Give video from the Children’s Charity Mall

How it works: Every charity mall supports a specific cause, and you can see exactly what you are supporting when you shop through one of our malls. Good2Give has partnered with over 500 of the top online retailers and the stores that Good2Give lists on its online charity malls have all agreed to pay Good2Give a marketing fee for referring shoppers to them. Good2Give in turn donates a considerable portion of that marketing fee to your select organization or cause. You still get the same great deals shopping the same great sites you normally would. Only now you are doing good every time you shop online.

To make it even easier to shop through our site, simply download and install the Good2Give toolbar of your favorite cause. Any time you want to shop, just click the “Shop Now” button to be sent immediately to your preferred Good2Give charity mall.

The Good2Give Difference: With most online charity malls, there are so many causes it’s difficult to make a significant impact on any one organization. By focusing on selected causes, Good2Give enables many people to join together in making a direct impact. And you’re able to see just how much of an impact you’re making on each Good2Give charity mall. The best part is that there is no registration or passwords and no personal information to give out. Just click and shop!

The more you shop, the more we give: Let’s say you spend $50 through the online shopping mall. Up to $2 could go to the cause of your choice. Now imagine that 50,000 other people also shopped That’s up to $100,000 going to the selected cause – and that’s just for one $50 purchase! Just imagine what a difference we could make if everyone shopped through So why wait? Go shopping right now, because it’s always Good2Give!

Make a pledge to be a difference maker! Commit to do good by going through the Good2Give mall each and every time you shop online. It’s so easy, and completely FREE to you. And by doing so, you will help children escape the devastating effects of poverty.